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A little about what the permeate pump will do and how it performs to help save you money.

How to install your permeate pump if it did not already come on your filter system, or if you want to put it into an existing system that did not originally have one.  Here is the link:

Answer: You will mount the Permeate Pump on the wall next to the Reverse Osmosis system. The Permeate “out” on the membrane housing (good RO water) will go to the Permeate “in” on the Permeate Pump. The Permeate “out” from the Permeate pump will go to the Permeate “in” on the ASO valve.Currently (before you […]

Opening Comments Waste water is a necessary by-product of a Reverse Osmosis water purification system. The highest quality Reverse Osmosis systems will make 3 to 4 gallons of waste water brine for every one gallon of purified water. Lesser quality Reverse Osmosis systems can send 8 gallons or more of waste water to the drain. […]

Background Several factors have an effect on the production capability and efficiency of a Reverse Osmosis system. Among them are the incoming water PSI, temperature of the incoming water, size of the RO membrane, amount of contaminants in the incoming water and the amount of water being sent to the drain. All of the components […]

Overview A Permeate Pump is actually an energy recovery device. It allows you to waste up to eighty percent less water, Not only will you waste much less water, you will make water faster and of higher quality. You will be able to use a new style refigerator ice and water door . In fact […]

Waste water can be a really, really big deal with Reverse Osmosis systems. The ratio of 3 or 4 gallons of water (or more) to make 1 gallon of purified water turns off many folks from purchasing Reverse Osmosis systems and it is concerning to those who own a Reverse Osmosis unit. The amount of […]