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A little about what the permeate pump will do and how it performs to help save you money.

Answer: 1. Cold Water Line Saddle Valve: Saddle Valve that fits onto the cold water supply line. The saddle valve has a piercing needle that penetrates into the cold water line to supply the water for the RO system. 2. Pre-Filter (s): Water from the cold water supply line enters the RO pre filters first. […]

RUPTURED AIR BLADDER IN TANK: Reverse Osmosis tank bladders do fail, requiring replacement of the tank. If the bladder in the storage tank starts to leak air, and water enters the air side of the bladder, the tank will have to be replaced. As described above, open the faucet and drain all of the water […]

Procedure For Checking Your Storage Tank Pressure: 1. Turn the water off on the RO System’s incoming water line. 2. Open the faucet on your RO System and allow the water to run until the flow stops, then close the faucet. 3. Turn off the tank valve. 4. Is the tank heavy ‑ does it […]