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Answer: These instructions are for the installation of a flow restrictor fitting (as a replacement or upgrading of Reverse Osmosis system capacity) into the membrane housing. The flow restrictor is installed into the drain port (outlet) on the membrane housing. Your membrane housing will have two ports on one end and only one port on […]

Answer: There are four types of flow restrictors being used by RO system manufacturers; 1) Inline Flow Restrictor, 2) Capillary Insert Flow Restrictor, 3) Fitting Connector Flow Restrictor Combo and 4) Integral Flow Restrictor. We will provide a brief description of each and give the strong features and weak features that each type offers. 1) […]

Answer: 1. Cold Water Line Saddle Valve: Saddle Valve that fits onto the cold water supply line. The saddle valve has a piercing needle that penetrates into the cold water line to supply the water for the RO system. 2. Pre-Filter (s): Water from the cold water supply line enters the RO pre filters first. […]

Answer: With the exception of a few proprietary RO system manufacturers, all residential membranes are the same size and all fit in the same membrane housing. When the residential RO market first started to come alive, nearly all of the membranes where 8 to 10 gallons per day systems. Many of the proprietary membranes are […]

Answer: Yes, it is necessary to match the capacity of the RO membrane and the flow restrictor. Unless the capacity of these two items are matched, you will either be putting too much water to the drain or you will pre-maturely foul the RO membrane. See our comments on flow restrictors for added information.