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Answer: You will mount the Permeate Pump on the wall next to the Reverse Osmosis system. The Permeate “out” on the membrane housing (good RO water) will go to the Permeate “in” on the Permeate Pump. The Permeate “out” from the Permeate pump will go to the Permeate “in” on the ASO valve.Currently (before you […]

Answer:  Yes, you can connect the 1/4″ tubing to the elbow fitting on the membrane housing and the tubing can go directly to a floor drain. This would be a good drain alternative if you are installing the RO system in the basement. We would suggest that you secure the 1/4″ tubing to the drain […]

Answer:  Sink With A Disposal – Best choice is the vertical pipe above the horizontal pipe from garbage disposal. Sink Without A Disposal – It is best to choose the vertical sink drain pipe at a height as high above the water level in the trap as possible. The drain line may also run directly […]