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This is how you should best prepare your Ultra Violet Sterilizer for use:

A little about what the permeate pump will do and how it performs to help save you money.

Answer: Solid Carbon Block filters have combined the incredible adsorption capability of carbon, with the ability of a solid block of material to selectively strain out particles from water that is forced through it. The density of the carbon block determines how finely the water is cleaned. This type of filter is designed to prevent […]

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Background Is your chlorinated city water killing you? Water suppliers began chlorinating water early in the twentieth century to reduce the spread of water-borne pathogens such as cholera and typhoid fever. Although the water treatment was successful, many other chronic diseases began, such as heart disease and cancers, causing many individuals to seek a quick […]

Background It is always a wise decision to be vigilant concerning the odor and taste of your drinking water, whether from surface or groundwater, municipal or well. Should your water ever have an odor or taste problem, it should come as no shock given the volume of possible causes of it. There are at least […]

Overview Water is absolutely vital to our bodies. Just like the surface of the Earth, our bodies are mostly made up of water. The average adult contains 40 to 50 quarts of water! The water in your body must be renewed every 10- 15 days. With the intake of foods such as fruits and vegetables, […]