Question:What are the Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Pressure Gauge Kit?




Most Reverse Osmosis owners are concerned about when to replace the filters on their RO system. A Pressure Gauge will provide them with a heads-up as to when the filters are nearing depletion.

What are the Benefits of using a Pressure Gauge Kit

1) Pressure drop on the gauge kit identifies when to replace your pre-filters.

2) Properly maintained pre-filters will extend the life of your Reverse Osmosis membrane.

3) Knowing the incoming PSI on your RO system will permit you to better manage the efficiency of your Reverse Osmosis system and thereby reduce the amount of water you will send to the drain and increase the amount of permeate water going to the storage tank.

4) Reverse Osmosis systems with Booster Pumps installed will be able to read the PSI on the gauge to know what pressure setting they have on their Booster Pump switch.

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