Question: How does a Pressure Gauge work on my Reverse Osmosis system?




Most Reverse Osmosis owners are concerned about when to replace the filters on their RO system. A Pressure Gauge Kit will provide them with a heads-up as to when the filters are nearing depletion.

How It Works

1) A pressure gauge kit will tell you the PSI of the water as it enters your Reverse Osmosis membrane housing.

2) Check the PSI on this gauge when your pre-filters are new – be certain to record the PSI number and the date. Then check in 3 months or 6 months and note the change in the PSI.

3) When the PSI reading on your gauge has dropped 6 or 8 points (example – from 60 down to 52 PSI) you need to order new filters. As the PSI drops below 50 PSI, you are beginning to send a greater percentage of water to the drain and less water to the storage tank. When the reading reaches 45 PSI, you will notice a big increase in drain flow.

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