Question: How do I know when to replace my Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filters?




Most Reverse Osmosis owners are concerned about when to replace the filters on their RO system. A Pressure Gauge will provide them with a heads-up as to when the filters are nearing depletion.

Most Reverse Osmosis pre-filters are replaced based on a time schedule. They mark the calendar to change the pre-filters every 6 months or once a year. A more accurate method is to use a pressure gauge kit and note the change in the PSI coming from the pre-filters. When the PSI begins to drop compared with the PSI when the pre-filters were new, this is a clear indication that the pre-filters are beginning to deplete and when the PSI has dropped 6 or 8 PSI points, you should replace the pre-filters. A Reverse Osmosis Pressure Gauge Kit will take the guess work out of when to replace your filters.

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