Flow Diagram for 5 Stage RO with DI


Flow Diagram:

The following describes the flow diagram for a 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system with a DI filter.

1) Using a saddle valve, you tap into the water source.

2) The source water flows through the 1/4″ tubing to the first pre-filter.

3) The water passes through the sediment filter, then to the carbon block filter.

4) From the carbon block pre-filter, the water goes to the ASO valve.

5) Next, the water goes through the RO membrane where the product water (RO water) is forced through the membrane and the good RO water then goes to the ASO valve.

6) From the ASO valve, the water travels to the tee on the DI resin filter and on to the storage tank.

7) When the faucet is activated, water is drawn from the storage tank and flows back to the “Tee” on the DI filter.

8) The RO water now goes through the DI filter and on to the Post Filter and finally to the faucet and into your glass or container.

A flow diagram is presented on the web site. Go to the “Home Page” and click on Instruction Manuals. “Mouse” down to locate the “Diagram” for a 5 stage RO system with a DI filter. With the use of the description words in this Blog, you will be able to follow the flow of water through the diagram.

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